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Share referral codes on Chulos

What is Chulos?

Chulos is a Chrome Extension that makes sharing referral codes easy.

Share your referral codes ONCE with Chulos.
And your friends will see the codes, when they browse the target websites.

Here is before and after Chulos

Sam signed up for this amazing service, and wants to share it with her friends!

How Referral is Done Today

She can email, tweet or post on Facebook to share the code with friends

She has to email or post her referral codes many, many times to make it visible to her friends.

Her friends will ignore the referral links she emails and posts because they get 100s of them in a day.

How Referral is Done with Chulos

Install Chulos in Chrome!

Share the code ONCE with Chulos.

Referral code displays automatically when Sam’s friends visit the targetted websites!

Where are these referral codes?


How do I use Chulos?
First of all, thank you for signing up to test our Beta version of Chulos. Chulos will be frequently updated to reflect your feedback.

To try Chulos in Beta, please click HERE for an invitation. Once you sign up, you will receive a download link in an email. Please click on the link to download Chulos and install it on your Google Chrome web browser. (Chulos is only available on Google Chrome desktop version as of now.)
It is completely free! You can immediately start using referral codes to get discounts or provide referral codes to earn credits for many merchants!
Chulos is safe and private. We do not sell your information and is purely designed for you to enjoy the discounts online. We will be gathering minimum amounts of information required to help you track the freshness of the referral codes. Please refer to our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service