Our Story

Today, almost every website has referral codes, from credit cards, shopping sites, to online educational services.
However, the way referral codes are shared haven’t changed in years. Users must send the referral links via email or post them on social media.

No one likes that experience. Trust me.
You become self-conscious about posting on social media (unless you are an influencer).
And you probably do not want to spam email all your contacts.

While unsolicited referrals can be intrusive, opportune friend referrals can be useful sources of information.
For example, when you want the low-down on new shoe brands, new electronics or new services, do you trust online reviews or your friends more?
If you knew friends that have tried a service and loved it enough to share referral codes, you could ask them about their experiences.
That is why we created Chulos to facilitate communication and share the benefits.

Our Team


Sumiko remembers being a student, who was desperate enough to spam her friends with referral codes in order to save $5 on her food delivery. She realized there must be a better way to share codes that doesn’t involve spamming her friends’ inboxes or Facebook timelines.

Sumiko has BSc from University of Toronto, MBA in Business Analytics and MA in International Studies from University of Pennsylvania/The Wharton School.
Chulos was Sumiko's solution to sharing codes, and she designed Chulos' UI/UX.


Yue had no idea referral codes existed, but he resonates with coupon clipping. He was convinced by Sumiko to build the Chulos extension, and make code sharing more streamlined and more social.

Yue has BA in Statistics from Harvard University, and Ph.D in Machine Learning from Cambridge University.
Yue built Chulos extension.


Aaron is an opthamologist by day, but coder any spare time he has. He got talked into by Yue to build the backend for Chulos when his family was away one weekend. Just like Yue, he didn’t know referral codes existed, but he has now learned that his wife uses them.

Aaron has BA from Harvard University, MD and Master's Degree in Clinical Investigations from Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis.
Aaron built the backend for Chulos.